Monday, December 5, 2016

金玉满堂 The Wealthy Pot

This is a vegetarian equivalent version of the claypot rice which I utterly missed eating. All thanks to this recently bought "Yummy Hawkers' Fair Secret Vegetarian Recipe book by Philip Yoong that I get to relish this wonderful one pot dish.
近一趟回马时购买了一本Philip Yoong 的‘槟城好吃素食大牌档’食谱书籍,从这本书籍里找到了这道素食版的砂钵饭,终于可以品尝我朝暮思念的砂钵饭了。

The Wealthy Pot

Ingredients 材料
300g Brown Rice 糙米
100g Fragrant Rice 香米
1100g Water 清水
150g Green Peas 青豆粒
150g Fresh Sweet Corn 玉米粒

4 Tbsp Cooking Oil 食油
4 Tbsp Shredded Ginger 姜丝
7 Chinese Mushrooms 花菇 (diced)
100g Tofu Pok 豆腐卜(diced)
100g Vegetarian Meat 素肉(diced)
50g Red Paprika 红辣椒 (diced)

(C) Seasoning 酱料
3 Tsp Salt 盐
2 Tbsp Sugar 糖
4 Tbsp Light Soy Sauce 酱清
4 Tbsp Sesame Oil 麻油
2 Tbsp Dark Soy Sauce 黑酱油
4 Tbsp Vegetarian Mushroom Sauce 素蚝油
Pepper 胡椒粉

Method 做法

Combine brown and fragrant rice together. Soak for 1 hour and drain.

Combine all seasoning ingredients (C) into a bowl and stir to mix. Set aside.

Combine all ingredients (A) into a claypot and boil under medium heat for 20 mins. Transfer claypot (without lid)  into a steamer and steam under high heat for 30 mins until cooked.

Heat up 4 Tbsp cooking oil (B) into a frying pan and saute ginger until aromatic. Add the balance ingredients (B) and stir fry until fragrant.

Add seasoning (C) and continue stir fry to combine. Transfer the mixture B over the steamed rice. Steam for another 15-20 minutes. Fluff up the rice and serve hot.

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